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2020 Bylaws Ammendments

Directions: Please review the Summary of Bylaws Changes below. If you would like to view a clean copy of the ammended Bylaws, as well as the current version (approved 9/2017) click Here. Once you have made your decision, submit your vote via the "Begin Survey" button at the bottom of the page. Voting will close on Friday, August 21, 2020. 

Bylaws Ammendments

Overall Document

  • Reformatting of outline/numbering/bullets to update and make the document more user-friendly.
  • Language added throughout to allow for electronic voting, notification, and participation.
Page 1 -   Article I and II. Name and Purpose
  • General language clean up
Article III. Section 2. Membership Categories
  • Deletes state boundaries for all membership categories except for General Licensed Hospice Providers.
  • Addition of two member categories: Individual and Student Member.
  • Clarification of membership categories.
Page 2 -  Article III. Section 3. Voting/Membership Rights.
  • Updates to voting rights for membership categories.
  • Addition of stated ability for electronic voting
Page 3 - Article IV. Section 5.
  • Updated language on dues payments.
Page 4 - Article IV. Section 4. Notice of Meetings
  • Time for notice changes for General and Annual Meetings from 30 to 15 days, and for Special meetings from 10 to 5 days.
Article V. Board of Directors. Section 2. Powers & Duties
  • Language is updated for clarification.
Page 5 - Article V. Board of Directors. Section 3. Composition
  • Board composition more clearly defined to reflect the geographical diversity of members and to allow for five additional at-large members.
Section 4. Term
  • Board members have a term limit of two (2) terms, each three (3) years. After serving the maximum time allowed, a person may again serve after being off the Board of one (1) year.
  • Past Presidents shall serve as non-voting members of the Board for a period of one year.
  • Page 6 Article V. Board of Directors. Section 6. Meetings
  • (d) Executive Session – updated and defined.
  • (e) Quorum - At meetings of the Board, a quorum shall consist of a simple majority or fifty percent (50%) of the Directors then serving, present in person including as defined in (h) Action without Meeting.
Page 8 - Article VII. Nominations and Elections. Section 1
  • Information may now be electronically communicated.
  • The Nominating Committee will consist of the Secretary as Chair, and two members appointed by the Board.
Page 9 -  Article VII. a-d. Executive Director and Staff
  • Updated language
Article IX. Committees. Section 4
  • Roles and responsibilities updated and defined
Page 12 - Section 4. Standing Committees 
  • Language updated
Page 13 - Article X. Non-Discrimination Policy
  • Policy updated
Article XI. Conflict of Interest Policy
  • New language
Article XIII. Compensation
  • New section
Article XIV. HPCNM Records
  • New section
Page 14 - Article XVI. Signature Authority
  • New section
Article XVIII. Amendments
  • Notification for an amendment changes from 30 to 15 days.


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